Agistment Agreement

Here at DuPrem Alpacas we have the facility to offer Agistment to our clients alpacas.  Below is a copy of the agreement we enter into in order to ensure the safe well being of all our clients alpacas. All Agistment clients are advised to refer back to our agreement below which may be updated due to the change in feed costs and other conditions outside of our control. Our daily Agistment is €1.35 per alpaca and includes the following basics with additional options:


  • Unlimited grazing on our established pasture, hay and water
  • Daily provision of the recommended quantity of our selected vitamin and mineral supplement, Alpamin and Alpaphos.  Any additional supplementing due to illness or the need for weight gain incurs an additional charge including milk supplements for cria.
  • adjistment charges for cria commence once they begin eating hard feed and is decided cria by cria in the interest of health but usually, but not exclusively, around 5 to 6 months of age.
  • Daily checks and health monitoring
  • Other husbandry needs such as toenail clipping, faecal sample checks, routine vaccinations or vetinerary intervention are also an additional charge
  • Shearing to be done at the same time as our herd, but this will cost extra per animal
  • Regular handling and halter training if requested is available at an additional charge

Terms and Conditions

Owner agreement with DuPrem Alpacas

Conditions of Agistement at DuPrem Alpacas

Updated Feb 2020.  

The Owner and DuPrem Alpacas Agistment agree to following terms of agistment at DuPrem.

1. General

The Owner agrees to behave respectfully towards everyone, their animals and property. Owners and their guests agree to visit their alpacas in a safe and controlled manner. Owners visiting their alpacas at DuPrem do so at their own risk.

2. Fees

The Owner will pay fees within 10 day of receipt of their invoice.  Fees not paid by the invoice due date each month will incur a late payment fee per Alpaca.The owner agrees that if any agistment fees are unpaid for more than 10 days DuPrem Alpaca Agistment may sell the Alpacas at any price and keep the proceeds of the sale in order to cover outstanding costs and seek additional claims.

3. Care of the Alpacas

The Owner acknowledges that the care of each alpaca placed at DuPrem is their responsibility beyond the day to day management of their alpacas. The Owner also acknowledges that, under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, DuPrem Alpaca Agistment may have responsibility to ensure that an Alpaca does not suffer. If in the opinion of DuPrem Alpaca Agistment the Alpaca needs veterinary attention or supplementary feeding, DuPrem Alpaca Agistment may arrange such steps for the care of the Alpaca as is thought appropriate and is entitled to seek compensation from the Owner. In the event of an emergency, DuPrem Alpaca Agistment reserves the right to call veterinary assistance. The Owner will pay for veterinary fees and all other expenses incurred by DuPrem Alpacas.  The Owner agrees  to follow the programme of routine medication carried out by DuPrem Alpacas.

4. Use of Facilities

The Owner may visit the facilities provided by DuPrem Alpacas at times convenient to both parties. The owner is liable for any damage to facilities caused by either Alpacas or owner. 

5. Termination of Agreement

The Owner may terminate this agreement by two weeks notice either in writing to or verbally to Paul. DuPrem Alpaca Agistment may terminate this agreement in writing or verbally either by giving two weeks notice, or without notice if the Owner fails to comply with this agreement.

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