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The DuPrem Farm finally has the 2 new arrival promised back in the Spring. Having tested the patterns back in Feb/March we have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of this years yarn. Finally, its Here!. The DuPrem Farm Babies, ou Duprem Ferme Bébés ensemble is inspired by the animals of the Alpaca Boys' region, the Aveyron, in SW France (take a look at the images that inspired the designs below). Joining the hugely popular Alfie and Ameila the Alpacas and Clementine the Aubrac cow are the forever questioning Mademoiselle DuPré the Toulouse Gosling and the constantly worrying Olivia the Aveyronnais Duckling. All are now available from our online Boutique for crocheters new and old as a luxury kit, as a pattern only or for a limited time as a special baby/bébé bundle. To celebrate these new arrivals we are also having a flash sale starting 9am tomorrow.
Go on, treat you and your hooks, or needles, to DuPrem!

Alfie and Amelia have some new friends joining them this Spring.

The Boys and Kate E. Hancock, aka Patchwork Moose, are at it again! Alfie and Amelia proved so popular that Kate and Daimen have been busy again working on three new additions to join the Alpaca Boys Farm this Spring.  The newest arrival to join Alfie and Amelia is a super cute crochet kit based on the Aubrac breed of cattle from the Alpaca Boys region of South West France. This catwalk crochet diva, called Clementine, is already turning heads with her photogenic appearance and is sure to be a hit with crafters all around the world.  Keep an eye out for more news and latest arrivals. Here Come The Crocheted Girls! Alfie cannot wait.

Creative Vacations 2016


The Alpaca boys are busy putting together their range of weekend and week long creative vacations.  Why not treat you and your needles and let the boys spoil you on a fully catered crafting vacation where you get to work with the DuPrem yarns, meet the Alpacas and enjoy life in the sunny French countryside. 

New Designs For Autumn/Winter 2014


Daimen's been as busy as our latest alpaca edition pictured above along with the Dowager shawl.  After a busy summer working with the fabulous knitting author, Sue Straftord, we have a range of designs that will keep you crafting through the winter.  Go on treat yourselves and checkout our new patterns, knitting kits and yarns.

The Alpaca Boys Have Gone Crochet Mad

Alpacas are arriving at DuPrem in more ways than one.  Kate E Hancock, A.K.A  Patchwork Moose, got her creative hands on a range of our Royale Baby and Baby Yarns and designed us a fantastic Crochet Alpaca kit that crafts up in only 100g of our yarn.  Each kit comes with easy to follow step by step instruction to make even the newest crocheters feel at ease with their hooks. Alfie and Ameila are the first in a range of crochet kits inspired by life in the french countryside and more will be joining DuPrem soon so keep an eye out to see who's next. 

All Grown Up

Our boy Bradley is growing up to be a big and strong stunning stud and the media attention never ends....but his fabulous temperament allows him to meet and greet as his social calendar demands but he remain as free and happy as an Alpaca should be.. The Boys are thrilled that his first fleece is back from the mill and available as a limited edition 4ply for some of their kits.  Don't think it will be round for long.

The Big Day Has Arrived

 A huge public display of thanks and affection is in order for all the support prior with designs and test knitting that went into the Alpaca Boys first show at fibre east. Sue Stratford has done an amazing job creating our first collection of designs with the cable and lace socks and the knitted alpaca and her cria proving hugely popular across both days. Also to Kate E Hancock for working patiently with us via post and email to create our crocheted Alpaca who proved a star in the making over the weekend and led to Daimen, who only learnt to crochet three weeks ago, offering several free crochet workshops to purchasers. To Phyl and Janet our test knitters who calmy and professionally told Daimen when he was wrong in such a way that he didn't once throw his toys (now crocheted and knitted) out of his pram and lastly to the endless melody of customers we had over the two days who never stopped touching n' praising and never stopped buying and we hope very much to see you all again at the next one. A brand is born.

Our First Results Are In!

After a fantastic yarn tasting launch at The Knitting hut owned by the fabulously creative Sue Stratford who we have been working with closely, more on that later, and now call friend, the very first verdicts were in. Crocheters and Knitters alike loved the colours, texture and enjoyed making a fabulous on trend corsage designed by Sue but the quote of the day had to be two knitters who hailed our yarns from the 4ply to chunky as "better than cashmere"!!!! causing us to sell out in some of range shortly after lunch. PHEW!!!!! Not bad for a start. It was a great Saturdays knitting and many thanks to Sue, Heather and the gang...Bring on the Tricot Revolution de France!!!!
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