The DuPrem Jardin range is one of the newest additions to the DuPrem range of Alpaca products. All products are natural and designed to enhance the joy of your garden. Over the coming months the Alpaca Boys will be adding a whole host of new products to the Jardin range so why not come back soon.  In the mean time take a look at our alpaca fertiliser and bird nesting cages.


100% Natural Alpaca Fertiling Tea Bags

Alpaca manure has lots of benefits for your garden. It is an excellent source of nutrients for plants, flowers and vegetables providing excellent levels of phosphorous and nitrogen without burning your prized garden assets. Simpy add 1 tea bag to a large watering can of warm water and let steep for a few hours before using.  Each tea bag can be used twice with each pack offering up to 6 months worth of 100% natural, odour free fertilising with no mess and no fuss. 



Alpaca fertilising Tea Bags 10pk
10.00 EUR

After months of testing and experimenting DuPrem Jardin launches its Alpaca fertilising Tea bags. 100% natural and each pack provides enough, chemical free fertiliser, for up to 6 months with amazing results. Easy and clean to use with absolutely no odour, no mess and no fuss.


Natural Alpaca Fibre Bird Nesting Cages

Introducing our Alpaca fibre bird nesting cages.  Why not treat your birds this winter to a luxury nest with the newest addition to the DuPrem Jardin range.  Each kit includes a bird nesting cage full of luxury DuPrem 100% natural alpaca fibre and a free refill pack. Simply hang on your bird table or in a tree and enjoy.

Alpaca fleece bird nesting cage
8.00 EUR

Kit includes bird nesting cage full of alpaca fibre and a free refill of 100% natural alpaca fibre for your birds to enjoy


DuPrem Jardin Walnuts

DuPrem Walnuts
5.00 EUR

Freshly harvested for 2019. Our walnuts are super tasty and great in cakes, bread or simply enjoy with a little honey and blue cheese.

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