Bradley Wiggins at DuPrem

Date of Birth: 06/07/2012

Fleece Stats: Micron: 20.1    Standard deviation: TBC         Coefficient Var: TBC

                        % above 30%: TBC             Stats taken: 





Just Bradley Wiggins at DuPrem

Great House               Joel


Great House


Great House Dixie

(mid grey)

Just                      Mercury


CP Vladimir (don Camillo) (IMP)

Horley Muschino

(Rose Grey)


Show Success:


Spring Alpaca Fiesta - H O Eng

Huacaya Junior Male - Grey



National Show

Huacaya Junior Male - Grey



Three Counties Fleece Show

Huacaya Grey Fleece 6-12 Month



North Devon Fleece Show

Huacaya Grey Fleece 6-12 Month



Hope Fleece Show

Huacaya Grey Fleece 6-12 Month



Bradley Wiggins was bred after years of planning and strategic breeding to develop a grey stud that would demonstrate improved fleece qualities in the grey herd in the UK. He is a very strong and powerful male with great stature and presence who is well grown and exhibits huge substance of bone. His correct frame is well covered in fleece and he has a fantastic temperament that he passes to his offspring making them exceptionally easy to halter train.
The fleece that Bradley produces is what separates him from other grey herd sires as it is very dense and fine for his age. He tested 17.1 microns at 13 months of age and his fleece at 4 years is only 20.1 microns. It is very rare to find such an advanced and highly productive fleece on a frame like Bradley’s. Not only is his fleece super fine but it is also carries brightness and uniformity in colour and micron.
His dam is a stunning modern grey female who consistently produces top cria year after year and is still on farm at DuPrem. His sire, Great House Joel is one of the UK’s best and well known grey sires for consistently producing greys of quantity and quality. With these genetics in his pedigree and a stunning phenotype Bradley is already beginning to make an impression in our herd.

On farm stud fee: €1200             

Leasing available: email            

Discounts available for multiple matings.












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