An Alpaca farm? Alpaca my bags!

The Alpaca Boys, Daimen and Paul, used to split their time between their farm in the Aveyron region of South West France and their home near Woburn in the UK. Their adventure into Alpacas began several years ago on a trip to the USA visiting family. They had no idea at the time that a chance introduction to a small herd of these camelids would change their lives forever. 

A few years passed and whilst on vacation in the south of France the Alpaca boys travelled to the Aveyron to visit family (a common theme in this story) and fell in love with a farm in need of total renovation. Once the renovations started they soon realised that land that was no longer used for farming didnt stay pretty on the eye for long and so they began investigating options for their rolling acres of green fields. 


Goats escaped. Dexter Cattle had to be sent off to the abbatoir.  Vines needed different terrain.  Yurtz weren't needed as the farm had more than enough living accommodation already.

They investigated them all and then one Easter when locking up the farm to return to the UK it hit them, ALPACAS!!. The whole drive home was spent listing all the questions they needed to answer. What did they eat?  Where did they come from? What do they do?  How much are they?  How long do they live for?  Where can they live?

After 7yrs the farm had been restored by the boys and it wasn't long before the first Alpacas arrived. With everything they had learned the Alpaca Boys knew the most important thing when breeding Alpacas, apart from ensuring healthy happy animals in the paddock was producing and processing a fibre into the most fantastic yarn. A Yarn that has all the qualities necessary in order to maintain Alpaca's luxurious reputation as the fibre of the Gods...and so a brand was born.

Sheer luxury from Farm to Yarn.

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