The Alpaca Boys are launching a range of pattern and yarn bundles as part of our Birthday celebrations and each Bundle includes free yarn and complimentary e-book featuring a range of DuPrem patterns for you to enjoy.  All our DK yarns knit up to a standard size. All Yarns are 50g and approx 115 to 120 Metres

Four Seasons Bundles

The Alpaca Boys have produced 4 Bundles of luxuriously soft 100% Alpaca Yarns that each include 100g each of 4 seasonally inspired shades and all our DK/Leger yarns knit up to a standard DK size so can be used to create any of our patterns. You can select your preferred season or why not teat yourself and select all 4. Bundle includes a free e-book with a range of our DuPrem Knitting and Crochet patterns in either English or French.

Autumn Shades

Argent, Acier, Pierre and Chataigne



Winter Shades

Sage, Bordeaux, Plum and Teal



Spring Shades

Lilac, Blush, Chantilly and Duck Egg



Summer Shades

Lime, Rose, Ciel and Cornflower



Four Seasons Bundles

Each Season contains 100g of each of the 4 shades which is more than enough yarn to make a host of DuPrem Projects. We only present a limited batch of yarns each year and when they are gone, they are gone. As a special treat you receive 8 balls for the price of 7.

Choose your Season

Farm Babies Bundle

Outr Hugely Popular Amigurumi Farm Babies featuring Alfie, Ameila, Clementine, Madame DuPrem and Olivia have been put into a yarn Bundle and includes a crochet hook and free stuffing so all you have to do is sit back, relax and crochet away.


Using Chocolat and Praline 




Using Argent




Using Chantilly and Chocolat



Madame Dupre

Using Chantilly, Argent and Rose




Using Chocolat and Cocoa



Farm Babies Bundle
135.00 EUR

Everything you need to make these 5 adorable DuPrem Farm Babies. Bundle includes free crochet hook and Stuffing with easy to follow step by step instruction.

Baby Bundle

Each Baby Bundle includes 6 balls of you chosen colour for the price of 5.



Duck Egg




Baby Bundles

6 50g Balls for the price of 5. Providing enough 100% Baby Alpaca yarn to produce a range of Baby accessories.

Choose your Colour

Naturals Bundles

Here at DuPrem we are lucky  enough to have all 22 natural colours of Alpacas living on Farm here and these are a few of those availabe in bundles of 6 which includes 1 free ball of our 100% baby alpaca yarn absolutely free.




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Naturals Bundle

6 Balls for the price of 5 of our 4 most popular natural colours here at DuPrem. Free e-book inlcuded

Choose your Colour

Scarf Bundle

Our most popular knitting patterns are combined here into a bundle with enough yarn to craft our Orchid stich scarf,  Montgomery Breeze Scarf and Graciana's Hibiscus Twist Scarf.  Includes a free e book with bonus patterns and 300g of Yarn.

Scarf Bundle

300g of Yarn including free e-book to create a tleast 3 scarves.

Choose your Colours

Single Shade Bundles

For those who like a slightly larger project.  Each Bundle contains 6 balls of 1 of our 100% baby alpaca yarn for the price of 5 in any of our 16 shades. Each year we produce a small vintage of each of our shades and when they are gone they are gone.

Single Shades Autumn or Winter

6 balls of yarn for the price of 6 in 1 of our autumn or winter shades

Choose your Shade
Single Shades Spring or Summer

6 balls of yarn for the price of 6 in 1 of our autumn or winter shades

Choose your Shade
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