Our Yarns

DuPrem offer four weights of super soft yarns from our serioulsy luxurious 4ply through to a needle, or hook, treating chunky.  All of our yarns have been created by carefully hand picking only the very best fleece from our own Alpaca herd creating a yarn that is of superiour quality and a real treat for you and your needles.  Our yarns are super soft, lightweight and hyper-allergenic whilst being created using one of the strongest fibres you can knit or crochet with.

DuPrem yarns are available in a range of natural colours and blends designed by the boys from a delicious Chantilly creme colour made from their white and light fawn Alpacas to their Charbon or Noir made from their black and grey Alpacas. All of our yarns are undyed and due to the nature of our 100% natural product are impossible to duplicate. When they are gone, they are gone, for another year.  At least until the boys get their hands on a fresh batch of their alpaca fleece and start creating blends all over again and thats one of the tasks they love best!





A seriously soft blend of our finest white and Black fleeces creat this fabulous shade of silver.




An on trend grey which blends our white fleece with an extra dose of our black fleece. Acier has been one of our best sellers.




A deep shade of grey that has all the softeness of our luxurious Argent with our black and white fleeces equally blended.




The best of our carefully hand picked black fleeces go into creating this definite strong shade of black.




The finest DuPrem white fleeces and lightest of their fawn fleeces are naturally processed to create this soft shade of cream.




A bright naturally died blush yarn from white fleeces create this warm shade.




A secret blend of our grey, fawn and white fleeces creates this rich chesnut shade. Our newest addition.




A pure 100% natural Alpaca shade made entirely of our light brown fleeces. 




This is our lighter browns creating a shade of praline with the volume turned up.  Seriously soft and our only yarn available in 100g skeins.





Super shiny cocoa is the result of our dark browns and black first clip fleeces from our 2018 cria.



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